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Anti-Pigment 20% Fruit Acid Peeling

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The Anti-Pigment 20% Fruit Acid Peeling is an absolute must-have for skin showing signs of aging. With 20% glycolic acid, which stimulates collagen and elastin production, and kojic acid, which counteracts the overproduction of melanin, it helps achieve a more even complexion. Age-related skin issues can be reduced, and skin renewal processes can be accelerated. Highly concentrated aloe vera and panthenol combat potential flaking and dryness, providing moisture and supporting the regeneration of your skin. Additionally, the included lactic acid strengthens your skin's protective barrier and helps reduce hyperpigmentation.

  • Ideal for pigmentation marks / age spots / hyperpigmentation
  • Provides a more even appearance for acne scars and aged skin
  • Moisturizes and supports skin regeneration
  • pH value 3.5 – 3.8
  • 15ml


      Panthenol, glycolic acid, Aloe Vera, Kojic Acid

      • Apply the peeling daily, using the pipette, directly to the hyperpigmented areas of the face or, if necessary, to other parts of the body.
      • Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
      • Rinse it off with water.
      • You can also use it in combination with the Anti-Aging 15% Fruit Acid Peeling. First apply the 15% fruit acid peeling to the entire face and after 5-10 minutes apply the 20% fruit acid peeling to specific spots on the pigment spots, then clarify everything with water.
      • If you want to further enhance the anti-pigment effect, apply the Red & Pigment Remover partially after the 20% peeling.
      • While using the 20% peeling, consistent use of the Anti-Pollution Day Cream with powerful antioxidants and SPF30 is essential.
      • Please be careful around the eye area and mucous membranes.
      • In case of intolerance to one of the listed ingredients.
      • Not during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
      • Do not apply to fresh wounds or eczema.
      • Avoid contact with mucous membranes/eyes.
      • Not for sale in Switzerland.



      2 - 3 Drops

      Fruit Acid



      The special feature of fruit acid in the Anti-Pigment 20% Fruit Acid Peeling is its ability to counteract the overproduction of melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin coloration, and its overproduction can lead to pigment spots and unevenness. Our highly concentrated peeling contains 20% fruit acid, which not only removes dead skin cells but also regulates melanin production. The result is a reduction in pigment spots and age spots for a more even and radiant complexion.

      The peel is ideal for individuals who want to minimize pigmentation spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation and have normal, mature, or uneven skin. For sensitive skin, we recommend the gentler Bamboo Enzyme Powder Peeling or less frequent use of the fruit acid.

      For optimal results, we recommend using the peel once to three times a week in the EVENING after cleansing with the Foam. After a exposure time of 5-15 minutes (depending on your skin type), wash your face thoroughly and continue with your evening routine, including Tonic, Serums and Night Cream.

      A mild tingling or burning sensation during use is normal. After the application, it's important to moisturize the skin well. We recommend gently wiping the face again with a cotton pad soaked in Tonic, massaging in moisturizing Serums such as the Hyaluron Lifting Serum or the Booster Serum, and then applying the Night Cream Rich.

      Your skin is more sensitive to UV radiation after a fruit acid peel. Therefore, it's important to use our Anti-Pollution Day Cream with a high SPF and avoid direct sunlight.

      Reducing pigmentation spots requires patience and consistent care. You should use the Anti-Pigment 20% Fruit Acid Peeling regularly for at least 2-3 months to achieve visible results. The skin takes time to regulate melanin production and lighten pigmentation spots. If you continue to avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen, you can maximize the effects of the peeling.